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Bearing a quirky name sure to make any Hong Konger stop in their tracks, “Lee Lo Mei” is the hottest new dining destination by ZS Hospitality Group, located at G/F-1/F in 8 Lyndhurst Terrace. At the helm of the restaurant are locally-born chefs, Director of Culinary & Operations Joe Lee and Executive Chef Max Lee, whose surname inspired the title. A play on a popular Cantonese phrase, “Lee Lo Mei” also takes on a second, less profane meaning when translated directly into English: “Lee’s Delicious Food”.

Hong Kong is truly a city like no other, thriving on modernity while abounding in tradition. Lee Lo Mei’s concept pays homage to this unique Hong Kong culture, serving up reinvented Hong Kong-style street food by combining innovative techniques with unmistakably nostalgic flavours. Step into the G/F and savour the bar’s signature creations, shaken and stirred by an all-star team of local-born bartenders. On both the G/F and 1/F, guests can enjoy a menu created by Joe Lee and skilfully executed by Chef Max Lee, featuring premium quality dishes that elevate and redefine Hong Kong street food.

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