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At Mischief, we are all about incredibly delicious American street food that you can find in food trucks across America. From behind the long bar in Mischief, there are draught/craft beers, wines, spirits and playful cocktails to complement and elevate the American street dining experience.

We want to bring forward and celebrate the idea of communal dining by preparing delectable and mouth-watering food which evokes the spirit of gatherings with the people you love. Our place is - mind the pun - full of mischief with a dedicated entertainment area to ensure the fun continues even after your hearty meal.

Whether you are planning a quiet dinner with a couple of buddies or maybe you are in absolute need for an all out party night, rest assured that we’ve got you covered. Our space that sprawls up to 250 seating capacity won’t disappoint. Over the years of our time in Esplanade, we think we have the perfect recipe to enjoy the evening away… the only missing ingredient is you. Join the show and expect to be charmed. Contact us today and we are guaranteed to bring life and fun to your event!

Terms & Conditions

In the event of a cancellation, 50% of amount given as deposit upon confirmation will be forfeited and non-refundable.


Christal Gouw

Bringing Food Truck to Restaurant Plate

If you miss those American food trucks, then Mischief can be a perfect cure. Serving wide range of American street foods, they are serving it for a better dining experience. They also have a good location and view, which complemented the dining experience.

Submitted on 20 December 2016

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