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Enter Brasserie Gavroche's antique doors and get immediately transported to the dining streets of Paris. Housed in a breathtaking heritage shophouse on Tras Street, Brasserie Gavroche is a genuine French haven. We take pride in serving authentic Parisian dishes created from age-old recipes by our Chef Owner Frederic Colin's grandfather. Inspired by his grandfather's culinary talent, Chef Colin's passion transcends to his gastronomic creations that celebrate the quintessential spirit of Paris.

The rustic hand-me-down recipes have been a mainstay in our brasserie's menu since opening our doors in 2012. Our menu features oft-forgotten Parisian classics that have been carefully passed down from Chef Colin's grandfather Henri. Timeless and prepared from the heart, our classic French cuisine is superbly executed with an expertise that's been honed by decades of passionate cooking. Prepared by a Parisian soul who toils in the kitchen to recreate his heritage, our bestselling items include steak tartare, ragout and foie gras. Perfectly supplementing any dish from our menu is our extensive wine list. Committed to bringing the best of France to the tables of Singapore, you are sure to indulge in heavenly flavors and highly satisfying creations that are heartwarming and passionately made.

The unmistakable ambience of Parisian chic, coupled with exceptional Brasserie cuisine and service, makes us the perfect location for a satisfying French meal. Exuding a 1930s atmosphere, our brasserie features warmly lit art deco lampshades, dark wood tables and chairs, and horned chandeliers. On our walls are old photographs of Chef Colin's grandfather and his recipes- our main inspiration. For get-togethers and intimate gatherings, we have a large classical room with a capacity of 40 guests. Do note that our Child Dining Policy welcomes guests 8 years old and above. Discover the best of France and dine with us. Book a table today!

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