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Located at the newly opened South Beach, Caffè Vergnano, Italy’s oldest family-owned coffee roasters brings to Singapore their brand of prestige heritage brew that is true to authenticity and traditions. Caffè Vergnano, founded in 1882, sources and procures the finest quality coffee beans from around the world and artfully slow-roasts them to a time-honoured perfection. The brew is then skillfully expressed, one cup at a time, by trained baristas to produce a satisfying, aromatic cuppa that is robust in flavour, unmistakeable in quality and globally appreciated by coffee lovers who make Caffè Vergnano their preferred choice.

Hosting your next social event? Impress your guests by adding a touch of Italian flair with Caffè Vergnano 1882’s professional coffee catering service.

From an authentic espresso, to a comforting cup of cappuccino or to even to an all-time crowd favourite - a cup of decadently rich hot chocolate a.k.a. ciocolatta. We bring and serve up the coffee to you.


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You will be subjected to 50% penalty upon cancellation.

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