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Camp Kilo is a barbecue joint with some of the tastiest, heartiest meats in town. We’re definitely not your ordinary roast; not with a whole 30kg pig on its self-made spit for more than 4 hours! Set close to the tranquil nature of Kallang's riverside, our whole pig roasts and chill vibes provide an escape from the daily grind. At Camp Kilo, the fire never goes out, the music never fades, the meats are always roasted to perfection. Operating only on weekends, our outdoor seating invites you to simply chill with great company, a beer in hand and a platter of soulful food on the table.

Aside from our crowd-favorite boneless lechon and whole roasted pig, our Meats menu includes roasted chicken, crispy pork belly and lamb that are sold in grams. Seafood lovers can choose from the grilled seabass, tiger prawns, and sambal stingray. Creating some balance to our very meaty offerings are the veggie options, such as the colorful and tasty Thai Watermelon salad, charred broccoli, cauliflower steak, and chipotle corn. Your Camp Kilo weekend won’t be complete without a clinking of bottles. Choose from our classic cocktails and punch mixes done the Kilo way, or from our selection of red and white wine, beers, and ciders. Skipping the alcohol? We have sodas, iced tea, fresh juice and lemonade available.

Designed very much like a camp, our space is filled with fun-loving people looking to have a good time over hearty food and laid back music. Since our inception, we’ve played host to various events. Among these are yoga sessions, art fests, flea markets, kid-friendly parties, weddings, and corporate gatherings. With a massive outdoor space that accommodates up to 300 guests, the possibilities at the camp are endless. Have an unforgettable experience at Camp Kilo- contact us today!

Average response time: 5 days


Terms & Conditions

Guests must provide 7 days notice of cancellation without penalty. If the notice is not provided, the deposit will be retained by Kilo.

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