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Social Creatives Ltd is an Institute of Public Character that operates as a Creative Enterprise (subset of social enterprise). We are guided by our artistic and social impact, to create colors in our social fabric, to engage, to educate and to expose arts and creativity in the society.

Our motivations are through the first form of communication - Cave Drawings, more commonly known as murals. Through the approach similar to a paintbrush, the different bristles come together to ignite social change and create masterpieces. As such, we believe in the inclusion of communities, cross-sector collaborations, art for social change and art elevating individuals from emotional poverty.

Our programs include public artworks, art in social services, canvas painting and of one room flats. We are sustained through social enterprise models such as corporate team-building and commissioned artworks and special projects.

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In an event of cancellation, Social Creatives will review on a case-by-case basis.

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