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Darren Tan is a professional magician in Singapore that has performed for various companies in and out of Singapore. Some clientele under his belt includes Baskin Robbins, Zouk, LAVO, Marquee, Citibank, Standard Chartered Bank and LinkedIn. Darren knows what it takes to build a human connection with his audiences. It is never solely about the tricks performed, but about the interaction and relationships in play throughout his shows.

Forging his own course in his performance materials, he is strict with his standards when it comes to delighting his customers. But more than that, Darren is also constantly re-inventing himself; to truly blanket his customers and clients with modern magic surprises and delights that spell of, unforgettable moments and experiences.

On stage and off stage, Darren is guaranteed to keep your guests entertained and engaged with his highly interactive world-class tricks and illusions. He is capable of entertaining individuals and huge crowds at a time, making them the star of the night while creating miracles and making impossible things come to life right in front of your eyes. He will read your thoughts, teleport objects, cause things to disappear and appear, but most importantly, keep you and your guests entertained.

Darren has also been featured on Channel News Asia, 91.3FM and Channel 5. His magic has taken him across the borders to countries like Malaysia, South Korea, Philippines and China, performing and enthralling audiences alike from different cultures.


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