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OC Weddings by Orange Clove prepares you for the spellbound moment of love and celebration. While the ambience sets the stage, our culinary experts put up an impressive performance by presenting you an array of aromatic fusion dishes that spell both creativity and passion companied by the meticulous service of our friendly service staff, your guests are in for a cocktail surprise! Our pre-cocktail wagon, Riddle of Love, is the entrance to your perfect wedding.

Leave your complexities to us as we bring you a total suite of services from sourcing of wedding venues, selection of themes, sprucing up the venue with your favourite floral center piece, providing entertainment selections and logistical services, renting exquisite props and completing the story with beautiful memories through photos and videos. Walk down the aisle with us and make your wedding dream come true!

*Minimum Pax varies for different menu options


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Terms & Conditions

Sales representative must be contacted at least 3 working days in advance for cancellations. An administration fee of $30 is applicable should there be a need to process the refund upon customer’s withdrawal of the event booking once prepayment has been made.

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