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The 1885 Kettle Gourmet never did start out as a business. Being an avid popcorn enthusiast, with a passion for good food and the finest ingredients, I started in a humble backroom kitchen. As my fire grew, a simple question was asked and I wondered - Why can’t popcorn be an everyday joy, not just to be enjoyed at theatres and movies?

This fuelled my drive to push the standards of popcorn, to develop new exquisite flavours that would answer that very question. I’ve a firm belief that quality is never to be sacrificed, not just to satisfy your discerning palates but to also to provide a visual spectacular that brightens your day. We use only the best kernels and top ingredients, with a light touch of magic that transforms your popcorn from mediocre into a work of art, ensuring that you get the value that’s rightfully yours.

You deserve to indulge in the delicious.

Average response time: 9 days


SGD 20



Our popcorn hampers are great for:
- Events: Popcorn pushcart and small gatherings
- Gifts: Kids parties, wedding door gifts and employee appreciation
- Office Pantry Deliveries: Deliver to your office on a regular basis and for office parties

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Melissa Lou

Awesome Popcorn!

Our customised popcorn bags were a great hit at the party! The team had a great turnaround and was able to accommodate to our customisations! Thank you for everything!

Submitted on 24 September 2018

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