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What begun as a quest for flavoursome and nutritious meal has helped up evolved our menu into what we have today. Paddyfolks started off with a goal to redefine your everyday staple, by introducing colours of your choice into your everyday meal. Today, amidst intense challenges and ever-changing food scene, we’ve gone back to our drawing board and rethink how Paddyfolks can serve you, better than before.

The fundamental does not change – the Paddyfolks are in love with our Asian staple, Rice. We have chosen premium Japanese white and brown rice as our new staples moving forward, emphasizing our position of Japanese-Western fusion casual dining. With our new menu tilted towards a Japanese influence, expect choices such as Yakiniku Beef Tenders, Truffled Shimeji, Unagi and Mentaiko Kombu Pasta making its appearance. New side dishes have also been introduced such as Gyoza Skewers and Chawanmushi. Regardless of your dietary preference, we got your fix covered, as our beliefs remains: Eating should always be satisfying and colourful, never just another meal.


SGD 136.3

Exclusive to Delegate


Up to 10 pax

Valid from 17 Aug 2020 till 31 Oct 2020


Package Selection Options:
5 Japanese Rice Bowls (Fried Tori, Yakiniku Beef Tender, Teriyaki Chicken, Teriyaki Salmon, Truffle Shimeji)
3 Kombu Pasta (Mentaiko Salmon Furikake Pasta, Beef Tender Kombu Pasta, Truffle Shimeji Furikake Pasta)
2 Mesclun Wakame Salad (Grilled Chicken, Beef Tender)

Complimentary item(s):

3 Chawanmushi
3 Miso Soup
1 Fried Gyoza
1 Fried Tori

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