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There’s something wonderfully satisfying about eating foods from the sea – cracking through claw, slurping shell and savoring the freshest catch of the day. Established in 2003, the restaurant stays true to its humble beginnings of offering value to the table and is the go to destination for your seafood fix. Char-grilled dishes from the menu have an undeniably unique flavor profile, attributed to the charcoal-apple-wood blend used in our custom designed wood-fire griller from Australia; bread is also freshly baked before each service.

Greenwood Fish Market has evolved over the years and is now hooked into the lush hills of Dempsey Road. Nested in flora and fauna, this new addition to the brand is a pearl of its own. Imagine flavours of the sea igniting through all five senses as you step into this 8,300 square feet wholesale seafood retail market and restaurant.

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