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Hush. A Silent TeaBar. From Rush to Hush.

Bringing silence, self care and social inclusion to every workplace, every community - with a cup of tea led by the Deaf supported by PMHIs (persons with mental health issues).

The stillness just before dawn. The silence of the park at night. The quiet and calm before a storm. The tranquility when a butterfly rests on a flower. When was the last time you turn down the volume knob on life to listen to its eloquence in hush?

Welcome to Hush. A global movement to bring the worlds of hearing and the Deaf together and to encourage silence and awareness for the modern and busy lifestyle and experiential inclusion, with a cup of tea. Hush aims to disrupt and bring about change to 2 social issues:

1. To challenge the notion of the daily rush through this silent revolution towards a resilient and inclusive society. Hush is journey of quiet reflection to connect with ourselves, others and the community - facilitated by our deaf partners, we call them TeaRistas.

2. To challenge the notion of 'disAbility' by inviting all to rethink the ability of the deaf through a reflective experience of inner awareness where no spoken words are needed. We swop the worlds around to encourage the hearing to step into the shoes of the Deaf. In silence, where is their disability? Who is the disabled one?

Our primary sustainability model is [email protected] - organisations such as DBS, Google, Medtronic, NUH, Dow Chemical, MOT, Puig, MOE, many schools etc. have brought Hush to the workplace as a unique and integrated responsibility model of employee wellness and community empowerment.

[email protected], in partnership with NVPC, is our public engagement effort to bring everyday heroes (cleaners, migrant workers, social workers, differently-abled persons etc) and business leaders together to share space in silence and solidarity, guided by the Deaf. We are very encouraged by the rave reviews and compelling stories from over 1,800 persons and almost 50 organisations Hushed to-date.

Over 38 deaf persons have been trained to be TeaRistas and we brought 5 of them on payroll in 2016 when we turned Hush into an impact business (once we were comfortable with the financial sustainability of the movement).

We are now bringing this movement to the youth sector with #YoungXHush.We will train youth volunteers as #YoungXHush champions who will, together with our deaf facilitators, reach out and initiate #YoungXHush circles with their peers to learn signing (empathy/expression) and stress-reduction techniques through reflection and sharing (resilience/gratitude). A quiet revolution and we shall be daring the young to be comfortable with the uncomfortable, starting with signing and silence. They can sign their emotions even if they can't/don't know how to talk about them. We also empower the Deaf through this programme.

Come Rush to Hush with us.

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