Service Detail (Furniture)

About the Vendor

Whether you are planning exhibitions, roadshows or product launches, E-Nov8ight is your one-stop solution rental partner. Launched in Singapore 2015, the company distributes high-quality innovative furniture and structures that can be customised and illuminated for your events.

Nomad, easy to transport, easy to set-up and store. Save on your transportation and handling costs, make your life simple and differentiate your brand from your competitors. We sell or rent furniture for any corporate or private events. We also do set up, display and events venue installation.

E-Nov8ight’s inventory continues to grow as we react to meet the demands of our customers. Our new innovative products offer a new way to expose your company identity and brand during exhibitions and events.

Average response time: 3 days

Terms & Conditions

- Setup fee stated above is the lowest price available and is subject to each order

- All cancellation of orders is to be made 48 hours in advance prior to delivery. Thereafter, a 30% penalty will be imposed on nonfulfillment. There will be no cancellation for items already delivered on site, big-scale orders and specially requested furnishing. The full amount stated in the invoice will be payable.

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