Service Detail (Furniture)

About the Vendor

CLProduction has an extensive inventory of rental furniture in Singapore that is constantly updated and well-maintained. We can fully customise your event furnishings according to your theme and we can even manage the whole event planning and execution process for you. Our wide array of furniture and decor ranges from Tables, Chairs, Bar table, Outdoor Furnishings, Plants, Accessories, to LED lighting. We fully customise your event not just with our furniture, but we also create the perfect backdrop with our wide collection of elegant accents such as carpets, pipes and drapes, kabuki drop, landscaping; you even have the option of integrating your logo on all the furnishings.

CLProduction aims to provide competitive rates for all kinds of furnishings which are guaranteed high-quality and are well-maintained. We always strive to meet the demands of our clients and ensure their trust by our punctuality in schedule and exceptional customer service that always goes the extra mile.

Terms & Conditions

If order is cancelled within 3 days from delivery, a 30% cancellation fee will be chargeable.

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