The Walk Wedding Productions


Service Detail (Videographers)

About the Vendor

Everyone finds it hard to translate emotions to words. Sometimes it is a certain feeling, sometimes it is a mixture of feelings. We constantly long for a connection – but words do have limits. Photos and videos exist for that very reason: To portray what words can never portray: A moment.

Hence, we decided to start The Walk, a subsidiary of Lumiere Photography. We are a team of visual artisans who know the significance of a timeless image and we aim to capture the rawest of emotions under the most natural of lights. These emotions tell a story that the couple holds close to heart, without sacrificing honesty and integrity.

Our craft extends beyond photography and videography – We believe in true love and we aim to bring it to screen.

This is your story, let the stills and motions tell it for generations to come.

Terms & Conditions

Upon confirmation, we will collect a deposit of $500. The rest of the payment can be done after we've fulfilled our contract. Please note that the deposit is non-refundable.

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