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We began the Ichiro Films story in 2009. It was just three of us, Christopher, Swee Foong and Why Keen then. We began by asking ourselves, “Why do most wedding videos feel the same?”

We were guilty of these ourselves too as we were in the industry under a different identity for a couple of years already, but did it have to be this way?

We learnt that there was a need in the market for a totally open approach to every single wedding and to focus on telling the unique story that is the couple's relationship and their wedding. For example, some companies are known for certain kinds of "styles" or excellent skills at using some tools of the trade like stabilizers or cranes. The problem is that some fall into the trap of replicating that style or that look, which may not work for every couple and every wedding.

We struggle with this every week, to make sure that we do not restrict ourselves to what we have done before but just to tell each couples' story honestly, faithfully, while still maintaining strong visuals, which is the Ichiro Films character. So it is a fine balance, because at the bottom of it all, we strive to ensure that all our footage shot are properly composed, such that each frame can be a good photograph. We hope that we are still able to achieve that balance, and having been awarded Singapore Tatler's Best in Singapore for Wedding Videography for the Fourth year running seems to affirm to us that some people still think so. We are not resting on our past achievements, however.



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In the event of a cancellation by the client, the deposit given upon confirmation will be forfeited.

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