Rico Lie Pictures


Service Detail (Photographers)

About the Vendor

If you are looking for a professional photography service
 to capture every special moment on “one of the most memorable days in your life” then you have looked at the right place. Here at Rico Lie Pictures, we are more than just a photography company, we exist to help tell your story in the form of photography. Our goals are to give you a very unique, very special, personal and of course enjoyable experience and to leave you with memory of a lifetime.

Terms & Conditions

A signed contract and deposit of minimum 50% of the photography fees are required to acquire the service specified and to reserve the wedding date. All down payment given will be non-refundable at all circumstances. If the client is unable to keep the schedule of this contract due to a fire, act of God, act of terrorism, or other causes beyond the control of the client, or due to an injury caused by accident or grave illness, then all of the fees paid by the client apart from the down payment will be returned. If the client decides to change the wedding date, we would be willing to help the client switch to a new date as long as there are no scheduling conflicts. if there are however, scheduling conflicts and no other arrangements can be made, we will not be entitled to refund any of the payment made by the client.

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