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About the Vendor

Singapore-based Photographer specialising in Events, Reportage & Travel Documentary Photography.

"I have held a camera in my hands for as long as I can remember.

However, it has only been recently upon returning to Singapore that I decided to venture into photography as a career.

What captures my attention mainly is the 'human experience' - the motions & emotions, the moods, the interactions, the environment and vibes of the space. It makes me happy to see people enjoying themselves or simply being themselves.

Another area which draws my attention is the opportunity to play with 'light & shadows' - a highlight upon someone's face or the shadow of a figure dancing. After all, the word 'photography' was created from Greek roots which means 'to draw with light'. I see photography not only as a capture of a moment never to return but also as an art form. My other interests include monochromes, patterns, travel documentary & whatever catches my attention.

In time, I hope to be able to travel and document life & events all around."

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