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With a dedicated team of creative superheroes at Raymond Phang Photography, we provide an all rounded service from professional photography to beautifully retouched images and a dedicated backend support where all your thousands of “who-what-when-where-how-whys” will be well taken care of.

We value human relationships and we believe in protecting love and more importantly, preserving memories. After twelve long years in the fraternity fighting for what we believe in, we have (unfortunately) expanded our waistline all thanks to our lovely Clients who selflessly shared loads of gourmet food with us. I mean, how can anyone resist cakes? But one thing for sure, we must have done something right to have various international photographic associations presenting heaps of awards to us in recognition of our good work.

On our normal non-superhero days, besides perfecting the shape of our fake abs with our air brushing skills or at home checking in to a random gym via Facebook, we enjoy experimenting and exploring the unknown. Our inspirations come from the real-life and the seemingly mundane, where the artist in us will always render into new perspectives. From simple dreams and spurs, we build realities and turn them into unforgettable, priceless memories with the use of our all magical and powerful index finger.

Possessing unparalleled imagination and brilliance, we are particularly proficient at photoshoots when it comes to human or even still objects. Very still objects. If you look closer, our works are not just an ensemble of storytelling images, but as individual pieces of art. It could be something overwhelming, yet subtle, so classic and yet eternally new and transcends time.

If you feel you can match our appetite for challenging sets and destinations, have the guts to go nuts and still stay immaculate, step out of your comfort zone to try something funky, unconventional, and new, we're game for it. Together, we can head to your favourite haunt in any part of the world and nab those precious memories that will last for generations to come.

Because here at Raymond Phang Photography; we are not just telling a story. We are here to deliver a promise – to document that something special… the moments that matters.

Terms & Conditions

In the event of a cancellation, retainer fee will be forfeited accordingly.

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