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About the Vendor

My obsession for dogs and handcraft are crazily real, give me any food related with mushroom and I’ll list you as my ‘food buddy’! I’m a good listener to all kind of stories, so don’t be afraid to open up yourselves with me. I’m a strong believer in photographing a person’s raw personality. I’m loud in laughter, but quiet during photographing moment, because the moment indeed belongs to you. Don’t be fred, all you need to do during the photography session, is just to focus at yourself, and your partner. I may guide both of you a little from time to time, but to be in your own world with your loved one, all you need to be is to be REAL. Travelling is my second hobby after photography, so if you have any desire destination to go,


you are willing to take a chance on me,

let’s do this.


Terms & Conditions

Price per pax and minimum spend stated above are the lowest price available for hire & are subjected to service charge and prevailing government taxes.

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