Service Detail (Photographers)

About the Vendor

We are just two ordinary guys who are fascinated by the beauty of light and are dedicated in capturing the precious memories life has to offer.

Two Singapore-based photographers who are always up to try something new, never limiting themselves from fresh concepts.

Direk & Jonty.


Terms & Conditions

Deposit Payments:

A deposit fee of $500 as well as full acceptance of the terms and condition secures the

time and services of ours. Weddings that are postponed to a later date will retain the fee as long as the photographer/

videographer can re-schedule for the new date and time.

Wedding Arrangements:

Itinerary of the programs on the actual wedding day must be communicated with the

photographer/videographer at least one week prior to the engagement.


The client is allowed to receive 50% refund of the deposit if cancellation is 8 months before the engagement of service date. Cancellation less than 1 week before the engagement day will result in full

payment becoming due. All cancellations must be in writing/ Email.


The photographer/videographer will not be liable for failing to deliver anything that was not

previously agreed upon during the signing of the quotation.


Komorebi Productions reserved the copyrights to the commissioned work produced.

Force Majeure, Act of God or others:

In the event of rain or any other acts of nature during any outdoor specific photography/ videography

The session, the photographer/ videographer reserves the rights to halt all sessions to ensure safety for all

parties involved. Any rescheduling of shoots due to rain or other acts of nature shall be discussed

between client and photographer/videographer until an agreement can be reached. Any road blockage or traffic mismanaged by the LTA because of any concert or road closure for national/private event.

Late Payment:

All Payment must be made within two weeks after the engagement of service date. Payment can be made in a cheque, cash or bank transfer. There will be a late payment fee of 10% of the total sum.

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