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About the Vendor

Essential Photography was established in 2006 as a photography and videography team specialising in Wedding day and Corporate events ,with a mission to cover Asian nuptials such as Chinese, Malay, Indian, Vietnamese, Thai and Khmer, etc. customary weddings.

Our team's concept is evolved around our desire in addressing the requirements of those seeking a combined ingredients that matches price with quality by packaging our photography and videography services within reach of customers. Because we are specialists in a few areas of specific photography,; our photographers concentrate and constantly re-train ourselves as often as time allows ; not only because we want to better ourselves , but, it is to set our team apart from other mainstream providers who tend to loose focus because they cover everything under the sun.

Average response time: 20 hours

Terms & Conditions

All Payments should be made directly with Essential Photography. All deposited are non-refundable.

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