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GTCL was founded because of illness in the family – which lead to the founders having to be more aware of their diets. It is then that they became much more conscious about how their food is produced and what goes into processing it. After knowing more, they decided that people deserve to know what they are eating; and as typical Singaporean they always assume whatever that is on the shelf is safe to consume. The founders want to inform their customers about how our food is produced, to read nutrition labels, and to get a deeper understanding of the food ecosystem. The adage of “Don’t ask why healthy food is so expensive, ask why processed food is so cheap” is something the founders constantly hope to educate their customers in. They envision Singapore to lead the region in terms of conscious eating, and hope more cafes will start offering plant-based foods.

Through their travels they met beekeepers who were traveling around Philippines educating farmers about the importance of bee pollination. Today they work with these farmers to present a range of sustainable wellness products pollinated from the stingless bees including their honey, pili nuts and skincare. They currently have two brands - Pili Pushers is their brand of activated pili nuts that grow wild on volcanic soil; and Anaya is their brand of medicinal stingless bee honey.


At the foot of majestic volcanoes in the lush rainforests of the Philippines, Pili trees have been growing for centuries. Today Pili Pushers bring you this delicious superfood – pili nuts. We work with a community of independent farmers who harvest and extract the ripe pili fruits by hand. The pili nuts are then laboriously activated to improve their digestibility and boosts their nutritional bioavailability.


A honey truly unlike any other. Medicinal Trigona honey made by tiny stingless bees stung our hearts from the moment their liquid gold touched our tongues. Naturally infused with propolis, Anaya’s Trigona honey has a unique sweet-sour taste, and consistently potent anti-bacterial properties to boost our immunity. Producing in limited quantities, we work with beekeepers who educate farmers of the importance of bee pollination for their crops.

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Upon confirmation, a deposit of 50% is required, the remaining 50% will be collected before delivery. In the event of cancellation, we regret to inform that the deposit will be non-refundable.

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