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About the Vendor

La Grazia provides unique and affordable wedding invitations/ wedding favors in Singapore.

La Grazia was set up by us - two married women - whom have gone through wonderful times in our wedding preparation. However, it's not always perfect when it comes to details; one of which, is to find great souvenirs with affordable price in Singapore. La Grazia has a vision to help bride and groom-to-be to have one less headache in preparing for their wedding day.

In a wedding, every dollar spent counts, so use them wisely to etch your wedding into something they can bring back and always recall in the form of great items. Over time memories faded, conversation forgotten, photos lost, but great favors lives on to tell lots of stories about your wedding day.

For wedding favors, please place your order 1 -2 months before your wedding date especially for order start from 100 pcs. As for wedding invitation card, please place your order 2 month before your wedding date. For quantiity less than 50, you can place it 3 weeks before you plan to hand out your invitation card.

Terms & Conditions

For wedding Favors, 50% deposit will be collected upon confirmation and another 50% during the collection. For wedding Invitation Cards, 10% of the amount will be collected when we design the cards for you, 40% before printing out the cards and the remaining 50% during the collection of the cards.

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