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All our products are carefully hand-made from scratch using real and natural ingredients. Fairyfloss is the first savory-sweet snack concept in Singapore, you will find our crepes are soft, spongy and moist, and floss are silky soft, thin as thread and colors resembles unicorn hair as we only freshly made products when we receive an order from you. Fairyfloss has a unique mystical taste like magic and a wonderful aftertaste which compliment every bite through the crepes that melt the floss in your mouth.

Fairyfloss brings to you several vibrant colors and flavors on both the crepes and floss which attract all patrons and guests with a well-resembled unicorn’s hair, many have questioned and tried this unbelievably wonderful snack. With our numerous pop-up stores, birthday parties, baby showers, house warmings, wedding receptions, company events, school functions, seminars, exhibitions, church parties and many more functions around Singapore, it has since proven Fairyfloss to be addictive with many returned customers.

Terms & Conditions

50% refundable deposit if you decide to cancel after confirmation and deposit is made. Deposit is non-refundable within 7 days before the event.


Carine Xu

Daughter's Birthday

My little princess has just turned to 1 and we are so happy to celebrate her birthday. Thanks to Fairyfloss for the dessert table arrangement that it could really light up the whole birthday party. Plus the color really matched the theme for the party. Thumbs up!

Submitted on 11 November 2016

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