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Co+Nut+ink is Singapore’s famous award winning and top F&B outdoor lifestyle concept. With our core competences that differentiate from the rest with outlets spread out in major iconic places of Singapore, as well as in Manila, Philippines. Co+Nut+ink continue to expand within Singapore and globally through our focused and proven brick & mortar, as well as theme parks through our first in the world robotic self serve technology, becoming a global brand in our own long term niche market.

Our core competences lies in our beliefs as an exceptional value add concept in being the Best In Class:





•BEST HEALTH NUT (100% Vegan)



Our Mission Statement

We Are On A Mission To Help Billions Of People Find Their Happiness, And They Create Happiness To Others, In The Way They Have Always Dreamed Of.

Considering How Their Life Is Better Because We Exist

Co+Nut+ink also has its own ecosystem where everyone can have a role to play to save the world, from recycling program, fair trade program, health benefits to investment of agriculture

More details can be found at

Our concept as you could see is not only in a cone or plastic cup, but in an actual coconut husk with the flesh in it as well.

Our ice cream is truly hand made. We are the first such concept in Singapore since 2013 and unlike the rest of the follow up copy cats, we are the biggest of our concept both locally and with overseas establishment and lastly the best secret recipe originally from the famous Chatuchak coconut ice cream owner!

Average response time: 16 hours



SGD 10

Exclusive to Delegate


30 pax


Let your Team discover all the useful recycled items they can make with coconuts. They can look forward to a fun and memorable session with plenty of demonstrations and hands-on activities - including making their very own handicrafts using just coconut husks!

In addition, learn how everyone can play a role in changing and saving our world through Co+Nut+Ink Ecosystem in a fun and friendly environment. Discover the many health benefits of coconuts and useful items they can make from coconut husks, exposed to the fair-trade programme and agricultural investment in a fun and interactive manner! What’s more, everyone will get to bring home their very own handicrafts made entirely from coconut husks.

To top it off the day of course with their famous coconut ice cream and concept - Classic Signature Coconut Ice Cream with Free Fresh Coconut Water! Heavenly Sent...Pure Indulgence

Complimentary item(s):

Educational Talks
Art & Craft
Classic Signature Coconut Ice Cream with Free Fresh Coconut Water


Upgrade to Premium Nuts & Fruits at only $1 each
Upgrade to Premium Premium Dessert at only $1.50 each

Terms & Conditions:

Minimum 30 pax

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SGD 10


Validity of 1 month(s)


- Get $10 of credit and use it at Co+Nut+ink's outlets!
- Please quote your mobile number upon purchase!

Terms & Conditions:
- This gift card is non-refundable, non-transferable, non-exchangeable and cannot be used to earn cashback.
- The gift card is valid for 1 month from the date of purchase
- Please inform us of the recipient's contact number if the gift card is for someone else

How To Redeem:

Please redeem this gift card at our store in Esplanada Waterfront once the Circuit Breaker is over. When redeeming the gift card at the store, please provide us with your confirmation number provided in the confirmation email. You may refer to our profile on Delegate for our contact details.

SGD 10

Exclusive to Delegate


At least 100 pax


We are the first such concept in Singapore since 2013 and unlike the rest of the follow-up copy cats, we are the biggest of our concept both locally and with the overseas establishment. Best of all, the best secret recipe originally from the famous Chatuchak coconut ice cream owner. Being Singapore’s top outdoor lifestyle concept and recipe, our prospective client must also really like our concept with the unique and heavenly sent hand made a secret recipe that would give a special spark to the event day. We never failed in being the "Star" in all of our events such as companies, wedding, family, etc. We are always the first to finish up.

Do check out our website on our accolades for our award-winning brand by consumer and revenue exceeding $1million revenue every year. We are also ISO22000 certified and 100% Vegan!
You can refer to our accolades at

Our set up is always as an outdoor lifestyle concept with no fancy and corporate facade, but a clean, simplistic and outdoor rugged outdoor ambience. Nonetheless, we could still throw in collaterals and decors as per your themes and requirements. Our ice cream is truly hand made, together with our ecosystem where everyone can play a role in saving our world.

No power point needed as we will be using thermo box that will last more than 5 hours of cold storage. For your kind review. Should you have any query, do inform us again.

Thank you again!

Complimentary item(s):

-Ice Cream in a husk-
Classic Signature Coconut Ice Cream (Husk)
Premium Nuts & Fruits Coconut Ice Cream (Husk)
Premium Dessert Coconut Ice Cream (Husk)
*All comes with free coconut water*

-Ice Cream in a cup!-
Signature Classic (150ml)
Premium Nuts & Fruits (150ml)
Premium Dessert (150ml)
*Ice cream in a cup does not come with free coconut water*

-Coconut Shake-
Original Signature Coconut Shake

-Coconut Durian Based Ice cream in a cup-
Assorted Durian
Mao Shan Wang
*All comes with free coconut water*

Refer to the menu for more details:

Terms & Conditions:

-Offsite Location-
For the off-site location, Transport is at $60 and manpower of $60 per personnel as needed. With 500 pax and above it will be waived.

As you may compare to other ice cream and similar catering product and services, they may be competitively lower.

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Terms & Conditions

- Prices may vary from time to time due to uncontrollable commodity and business costs changes.

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