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Sunlife Durian Puffs and Pastries was conceived in 2009 out of the love for surprises by sweet-toothed individuals. Every bite into Sunlife’s petite and adorable-looking puffs, cakes, and tarts is sure to delight with their strong flavor bursts and a pillowy texture. True to the commitment of offering only the real deal to its customers, Sunlife is famously known for the creation of durian puffs that are filled only with 100% pure D24 fresh durian puree, with no additional mix-ins of cream nor sugar. Our pastries are also freshly baked daily in order to ensure that high-quality products will be delivered to our customers. Not a fan of the king of fruits? Fret not. We’ve got you covered.

Statistics have shown that it is highly impossible for anyone to deny their love for chocolate, so… gotcha! Chocolate-based desserts happen to be our forte as well, with our Mini Chocolate Eclairs and Lava Chocolate Cakes being known to have seduced many by its sheer chocolatey goodness.

Having been trained in the finest art of pastry baking in Japan and Hong Kong, the founder of Sunlife promises the delivery of only the finest and freshest puffs and pastries to our customers. As a social enterprise, we are actively focused on raising the employability of elderly lower-wage workers and helping to re-integrate them into the workforce. All supportive efforts to keep our elderly workers gainfully employed will be greatly appreciated.

*Setup fees only apply to pancake live station services

Average response time: 13 hours

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No refund would be issued if orders are cancelled less than 1 week before actual event date.

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