The Real Food Market


Service Detail (Canapes)

About the Vendor

The Real Food Market hand-picks a range of sustainably-produced, organic and artisanal southern Italian food products sourced directly from small farms. From stone-ground pasta to wild truffles to award-winning extra virgin olive oil to dairy-free dark chocolates to farmhouse cheeses, we pride ourselves in being the one-stop shop for your perfect and authentic Italian meal!

Special mention to our cheeses - coming from real cheese craftsmen, who insist on making their cheeses using methods passed down for several hundred years - developing strong bond with their animals, pasturing animals in the mountains, hand-making each wheels, aging in the caves, using raw milk, just to name a few. We visit these craftsmen personally in their villages/mountains and partner with them to preserve their tradition so you get to enjoy these exquisite cheeses before they disappear. Treat your guests to these wonderful stories and taste what real, authentic cheeses are like!

Terms & Conditions

Upon confirmation, a deposit of 50% is required. The remaining 50% will be collected before delivery. In the event of cancellation, we regret to inform that the deposit will be non-refundable.

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