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About the Vendor

HelpYouMarry, also known as HYM, is a professional marriage proposal planning company specializing in creating a heart-warming proposal. HYM is the first of its kind in Singapore, and we love what we do!

Marriage is a sacred deed, and we believe every moment of the course should be an unforgettable page parked down in the memory lane.

With experience since 2012, we have witnessed many successful proposals, and each idea has been uniquely tailored to the couple.

We strive to assist you to develop your own idea, execute the plan and to capture the process of this meaningful journey.

With our team of proposal architects, we treat each proposal as our fruit of labour, and we go the extra mile to ensure it will be unique, sincere and symbolic.

At HYM, we work with you every step of the way to make it a truly memorable and touching experience for you and your loved one.

Your loved one deserves the best.

HYM Services:

3 in 1 Full Works (Ideal for crafting something personalised from scratch till the proposal day)

HYM Elves (Ideal for setup only)

HYM Ideagen (Ideal to kickstart the planning)

HYM Protowed (Top-up applicable only with 3 in 1 Work)

HYM Wedding Styling



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Terms & Conditions

1) Deposit paid is not refundable on cancellation of service.

2) 70% deposit is required for every proposed project to kickstart preparation.

3) Cancellation or postponement of the proposal requires a minimum of 1.5 weeks of advance notice.

4) In the event of unforeseen circumstances:

- The client may postpone the proposal date subjected to service provider date of availability. Additional cost may be incurred by external vendors based on the proposed plan.

- Full proposal fee will be incurred if the cancellation of the proposal event is done 4 days prior to the actual day.

5) Balance amount to be paid one day after the proposal.

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