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Trained in the mythical kingdom by the venerable masters in the art of lost wax casting.

Based in the sunny island of Singapore, The Imperial Smithster is reviving the ancient art of lost wax casting. A technique shrouded in mystery, born since the days of the pharoahs, it would, as its name suggests involve the carving of wax, burning the wax away ( lost wax) , then replacing the wax with any metal.

With the current trend of everything bespoke, we use this technique to produce everything from jewellery, desktop ornaments, custom utensils, keepsakes to everything in between, carefully handcrafted with the utmost attention paid to details.



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Valid from 11 Nov 2020 till 19 Mar 2021


See lost wax casting as the professionals do in jewellery manufacturing.

Lost wax casting has been around for centuries and have been used since the early days to cast items such as weapons, sculptures and jewellery out of brass. It involves first, sculpting of a wax model, applying the right sprues, pouring a investment over the wax model, burning out the wax (hence the term lost wax casting), then pouring in molten metal into the cavity left by the evacuated wax.
Come join us and learn this lost art firsthand!

Duration: 2-3hrs
What you'll learn :
Turn Anything Into Jewellery!!
-Choosing the right master model
Learn the many techniques employed in the jewellery industry, including 3d printing, wax carving...
-The secrets to mould making
Learn about the different types of silicon used.
Cut your very own silicon mould the professional way.
-Metal characteristics

Have you ever wondered why does your silver bracelet turn black? We'll explain the different metals in jewellery making and you'll get to pour and melt your own pewter.

-Lost wax casting in the industry
Learn how jewellery pieces are mass produced amd finished with the different poishing techniques.
Workshop Workflow:
-Students get to come out with their own design of ring, pendant, earring or trinket and have them hand-carved out of a block of wax
Choose between:
1.Cast in Pewter (Get to bring piece homw immdediately after class)-Make a silicon mould out of carved wax, leave it aside to cure
-Practice the proffesional way of cutting moulds
-Get to melt and pour pewter (low melting point metal) in your very own moud made earlier
-Cutting off sprues and polishing the piece to perfection.
2. Cast in Brass (Approximately one week to receipt of final piece)
-Leave your wax carvings with us and have it professionally cast and polished.

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