Service Detail (Meeting & Seminar Spaces)

About the Vendor

A Modern Village

Located in the Orchard District at Claymore Connect, Trehaus is Singapore’s first coworking space that features child-minding and learning facilities. It overhauls and deconstructs the traditional model of work, school, and play. Its total area of 4000 square feet is divided into two areas- the Workspace and Kids’ Atelier. These areas cater to a new breed of parents who come from a generation that recognizes the importance of spending time with children in their formative years and desire to achieve a successful career at the same time. Specially dedicated to the parent-professionals of today, and future changemakers, Trehaus features a modern village that comprises of the Business, Trehaus School, and Family Club.

For Parents

At Trehaus, parents get to grow their business while being involved in their child’s learning journey. Dedicated and hot desks are for parents who want to get some work done while their kids are nearby the vicinity with experienced caregivers. For corporates, the One Employee + One Child access to the Creche facility with child-minding service, is an innovative cost-effective solution in providing flexible work arrangements for parent-professional employees.

For Children

The Kid’s Atelier is an open concept space that comes with educational facilities and a curriculum designed to develop the child’s body and mind. It aims to raise changemakers through a Silicon Valley-inspired preschool and childcare education. The unmatched parental proximity that Trehaus offers means not having to choose between a successful career and prioritizing one’s family.

For Everyone

With a total of 16 rooms with varying sizes, Trehaus can host meetings, workshops, seminars, birthday parties, recitals, pop-up fairs, and more. Working hand in hand with its subsidiary brand Milk & Honey, Trehaus can hold bespoke events that range from family-centered to corporate functions- a convenient choice for those looking to organize a party without the hassle.

Terms & Conditions

Trehaus accepts no responsibility for any cancellation by the Hirer and full payment made upon confirmation is non-refundable within seven (7) days of the date of scheduled event. In exceptional circumstances, a refund will be made at the sole discretion of Trehaus. Should Hirer wish to cancel a booking, a notice of cancellation must be made in writing.

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