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About the Vendor

Gaming How was founded with the aim to promote video gaming as a fun and wholesome experience that can be enjoyed by groups of friends and family, and is suitable for both guys and girls and for people of all ages.

Corporate events have helped tremendously in showcasing video gaming to people from all walks of life, and have helped to generate lots of interest in video gaming. The corporate and community events that Gaming How helped to organize aim to promote video-gaming as a safe and fun form of recreation for all ages.

Gaming How specializes in Turn-Key Entertainment solutions for console and simulator rentals. These entertainment solutions are perfect for Corporate Roadshows, Family Days, Dinner and Dance, Teambuilding etc. These are just a few examples and the possibilities are endless!

Average response time: 16 hours

Terms & Conditions

Cancellation must be made and accepted in writing 2 weeks before event date.

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