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Book Smart EMS training in Singapore!

Safe & Exclusive workout program for after-Covid:

Our 20 min sessions are more effective than a conventional gym. Smart workout with FitTech Boutique Singapore starting from SGD 39 per session


EMS stands for Electro-Muscle-Stimulation. It is a game-changing technology transforming the way we work out, significantly increasing the effectiveness of physical exercise by improving muscle contraction through the use of precisely placed and dosed electrical impulses. The principle has been used successfully in physiotherapy and in the training of top athletes for over 40 years. FitTech Boutique uses innovative devices developed and manufactured in Germany to make this technology available to you. Our customers achieve with one 20 minute session per week more results than with several weekly conventional gym sessions.


SGD 39

Exclusive to Delegate


Validity of 3 month(s)

Valid till 01 Dec 2022


Trial for EMS training: includes one 20 minute session, body analysis, assessment with a qualified personal trainer

How To Redeem:

Contact us to know more.

SGD 99

Exclusive to Delegate


Validity of 30 day(s)

Valid till 01 Dec 2021


Applicable for 1-on-1 as well as couples!

How To Redeem:

Contact us to know more!

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