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Bliss Shala is dedicated to one mission every single day.

It does not matter how you compare to others; it is all about you, not anyone else.

You might be feeling that the world is with you, or against you. Whatever physical, mental or emotional state you are in, you are bound to leave Bliss Shala feeling ridiculously blissful.

Each practice draws inspiration from all the lineages from which Krisa practiced and learnt. From her Vinyasa and Ashtanga yoga practices in Singapore to Traditional Hatha and Iyengar in India, she believes that this would provide students a unified and holistic approach to wellness. The teachings are applied in the private yoga and small group classes. They are based on the principles of breath work – Pranayama, stability and movement – Asana and concentration and awareness – Meditation.


SGD 700


Valid from 01 Jul 2020 till 31 Dec 2020


Make your birth an enjoyable one! We are offering Pre Natal yoga and Post Natal massage packages at a discount rate.

Package includes: 5 sessions of Pre Natal Yoga + 5 sessions of Post Natal Massage
Package fee: $700 (Usual $800)
Deposit : $120

10 sessions of Pre Natal Yoga + 7 sessions of Post Natal Massage
Package fee: $1040 (Usual $1240)
Deposit : $168

1.5 hours to 2hours Post Natal Massage Services includes:
⁃Full Body Massage with Traditional Feet Massage
⁃Binding with Herbs
⁃Strategies for Pelvic Muscle Exercise
⁃Breast Exercises

Massage benefits include restoring your body especially your womb and back, releasing emotional stress and muscle tension, remove lactic toxicity and swelling and overall improved blood circulation.

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SGD 900


Validity of 1 year(s)

Valid till 01 Jan 2021


A private yoga session is a continuous discussion and adjustment as the participant progresses in her practice. If there is a goal in mind, we will work together in stages to achieve that goal. If there is an injury or concern, we may use yoga props or variations to mitigate that injury. Depending on the interests of the participant, a practice can be form based or include breath-work, chanting, visualisation and meditation.

This package is for 10 + 1 free sessions of Private Yoga Therapy, or Private Yoga.

If you would prefer a private session outdoors or in the comfort of your home, that could be arranged as well.

How To Redeem:

Please email [email protected] or WhatsApp 90612229 to redeem your package.

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All packages and purchases are non refundable. They may be exchanged to other similar priced packages or passed on to another person.

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