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GuestDay is an iPad-based system designed to make guest registration simple, fuss-free, and elegant. We’ll help make a fantastic first impression for guests at any big event — no more printed lists, flustered receptionists, counting guest arrival figures, and long lines! GuestDay solves event planners’ problems by allowing you to change the guest list and see total attendee figures at any time, synced across all iPads; post-event, the app generates a final, automatically synced, attendance report. For receptionists, registering guests is now a breeze — just search for the guests’ names, affiliations, or other information provided beforehand. Guests can also receive QR codes to check themselves in, using the iPad camera. Other special MICE features are available to enhance events: animated lucky draws for registered guests, on-the-spot name badge printing, custom RSVP and QR code sending services, and many more. With GuestDay, guest registration is now a faster, easier, and smoother experience for all.

Terms & Conditions

In the event of a cancellation within a week from the event, there will be a penalty fee of $200 (For events with more than 4 iPads required) and $100 (For events with 4 or fewer iPads required).

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