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We define 'Lollies' as people who love life. The company name ‘Lollies’ originates from the core motto of the company which is ‘love life’. Lollies Lifestyle is founded in London by a group of passionate professionals determined to redefine the travel and photography services in England.

For travel, our beautifully crafted routes infused with chic lifestyle elements such as afternoon tea sessions. cruise trips, chauffeured punting, wine tasting and much more will ensure that your journey is hassle free, flexible and of course extra-ordinary. With our extensive research and local knowledge, you can be rest assured that you experience the hidden jewels that only the locals would know. Dependent on the products range that you have selected, you may have a peace of mind as we have on-site travel consultants as your local contact point.

There is no doubt that Europe is one of the most incredible continents on earth. Historic cities which are full of characters and stunning amount of well-known places of interests will definitely craft a special place in your heart.

Hence, for photography services, our aim is to seal your wonderful moments eternally with the hope that it will bring back your fond memories and of course a smile for the years and decades to come.

We would like to express our sincere appreciation for spending your precious time in finding out about the Lollies team. We look forward to welcoming you as part of the 'Lollies' family.

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