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About the Vendor

We are not a photo booth company. We are not event photographers. We Say Cheese is much simpler: You shoot. We print. We are a team of young folks from the creative industry who loves beautiful Instagram photography and charming binder album 4R prints. So we thought: Why not fuse them both?

Let your guests Instagram and capture your event. We'll then print blindingly fast and amazingly vibrant 4Rs of their beautiful shots; Perfect mementos of your event, shot by your guests, for them to bring home. No matter whether your event is indoors or out, a grand wedding or a small private party, a corporate dinner and dance or a company family day out by the beach, We Say Cheese is sure to bring the smiles on your guests’ faces. Our Instagram service comes complete with your brand logo or event visuals, designed directly on the 4R prints. Say goodbye to clunky sleeves and boring single perspective photo booths!

The fun doesn’t just end here; As your guests Instagram your event, watch it go abuzz on social. Spread the joy of mobile photography and the magic of nostalgic 4R prints combined.

Terms & Conditions

In the event of a cancellation, 50% deposit given upon confirmation will be non-refundable.

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