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About the Vendor

We could ask you to look pretty and smile, but how much fun would that be?

That’s where Hello Stranger comes in. For all the events you want remembered (or don’t!), we’ve got your back. Count on our super atas camera and lighting systems to make you Beyonce-flawless. Don't feel like a million bucks? Our ambassadors are there to make sure you bring your posing game to the table and don’t end up looking like a hot mess. We’ve got a quirky army of props ready for you just in case you’ve got a serious case of “What Do I Do with My Hands?”. Or if oversized moustaches and funny glasses are just your thing. It’s a flurry of fun, and the next thing you know, there’s a snap, crackle and out pops your moment in glossy 4R for keeps.

Hello Stranger loves all kinds of moments. The over-the-top guffaw, the stink-eye, the toomany- people-in-a-shot, the drunken make-out, the love, the nip-slip, the sweet peck on the cheek, the eh-camera-where-ah?, the diva, the family, the smile missing a tooth, the midsneeze, the tight hug, the gang sign, the finger, the doe-in-headlights…we could go on. We love it when you look like you're having a blast when you take a photo.

Or you could just look pretty and smile. Meh.

Terms & Conditions

Penalty fee of 50% will be imposed in the event of cancellation after confirmation.

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