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About the Vendor

Uncle G's Handmade is founded in 2013 by two engineers who tweaked their crackling roast recipe like a precision experiment project. It's never perfect, there's always room for improvement.

We pride ourselves on serving dishes and condiments that are self-made, meaning you cannot find them anywhere else.

Our specialization includes:

* Live roast station setup for crackling pork

* Drinks, desserts customized to your party theme

* Pre-dinner canapes

* Corporate Door Gifts (edible type)

* Wedding favours (edible type)

Average response time: 12 hours



SGD 725


At least 150 pax


Crackling Pork Live Station to impress your guests! Perfect for every occasion, wedding and corporate event. Serving size is estimated to be 50-70g of crispy crackling pork served with organic wasabi sprouts.

Inclusive of:
* Manpower

* 2 x 13 dedicated power points

Complimentary item(s):

Dipping sauce

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Terms & Conditions

Deposit of 50% is required upon confirmation. In an event of cancellation, please inform us 14 days in advance. Deposit will not be refunded in event of cancellation within 7 days from event date.

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