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Hello there! I'm so glad you are here. I'm Ruth, the founder and chief creative behind The Workroom. I started in 2011 with a dream to bring people together to learn new crafts and skills. For almost a decade, we have been in talks, exhibitions, media and commercial events, private parties, workshops, gala dinners and of course weddings! Engage us to make beautiful art for your wedding: Couple logo, FB banner, Invite design, Poster design, Aisle runner design and production, Personalisation of wedding favours, gifts ... and more!

Terms & Conditions

1. We require client's full payment upfront for projects valued $250 and below.

2. We require a minimum deposit of (a) $250 deposit for projects valued above $250, or (b) 50% of initial project value, whichever higher.

3. Please note that unless otherwise requested and/or stated, quotation of fees include 1 work cycle only (1 initial sketch based on requirements -> 1 round of amendments -> 1 final design only).

4. Additional fees apply for additional draft or redraft or additional amendments or additional file requirement or anything else not expressly indicated as included.

5. Please note that timeline / workflow will be determined both by the artist's schedule availability as well as client's confirmation at each stage of the design conversation.

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