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Lavandin Is a hybrid plant that cultivated and developed since 1900 in Provence, France, by crossing true lavender (L. angustifolia) with spike lavender or aspic (L. latifolia) and larger than lavender with a woody stem and blue or gray flowers. It is grown extensively in France and often preferred by the perfume industry for its oil and the flowers for sachets, potpourri and craft work.

There are many benefits of Lavandin Provence for our daily life such as calming aid, promote sleep, spa treatment and muscle relaxation massage. The 100% essential oil of Lavandin Provence is safe not only for adult use but also children use.

Lavandin Provence provides simple design with 50ml and 10ml each bottle. It is suit for a gift in any special moments and match for us who simply love something elegance yet simpler.

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