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The real health food manufacturer in Singapore, with products and ingredients formulated by a certified Ph.D Nutritionist. We make healthy foods, that are convenient, nutritious and delicious. Packed in a ready to go pouch, you can carry us anywhere and have it any time. Say goodbye to hunger pangs and stay focus at work. Our energy balls and other products help to keep people full and curb those sugar cravings. Order now and feel the difference.


SGD 154


60 pax


With a minimum order of 60 packs, you can mix and match the products. Every pack has 5 balls packed with nuts, seeds, fruits and superfoods.

Complimentary item(s):

- A side snack of sprouted walnuts and flaxseed mix.

Terms & Conditions:

Please contact us directly to find out more

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Terms & Conditions

Please contact us directly for more information about our products, we will do our best to cater to your needs.

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