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Service Detail (Culinary Classes)

About the Vendor

Serena, the founder and Head Cake-tist of Nanatang, had a very ordinary dream as a young child – to own her very own café in future. She just wanted to hide behind the humble little kitchen and make all kinds of wonderful treats. That’s how Nanatang started, as an online bakery in 2013. Today, it is a studio and bakehouse that caters for the latest cake trends to bring you exciting workshops and insta-worthy cakes. It has blossomed into a space to bring together beautiful people to create beautiful things, a space where it’s normal to hear “cake is life”. Here at Nanatang, you can learn and grow your passions because you’ve got a like-minded friend in us.

Our space is also perfect for your own event. This could be conducting your own baking workshops, hosting private parties or events, corporate bonding sessions or even just for some alone time through personal baking. Drop us an email and we’d be glad to be a part of your next event. As the saying goes, when there’s a whisk, there’s a way!

Average response time: 6 days

Terms & Conditions

No refund/cancellation for workshops, unless classes are cancelled.

No refund for cake orders 1 week before collection.

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