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At Corine & Cake, we specialize in making customized as well as non-customized and standard cakes. The ingredients used are fresh and the finest in quality, thus providing the most satisfying and indulgent taste. All our cakes are baked from scratch by our production team and we do not believe in flavouring essence and canned food. We make our berries compote with berries; we baked our lemon cake with fresh lemon. When it comes to health, we don’t compromise as the dairy products used in our cakes are all 100% pure. This means that our cakes are not made with ingredients that contain hydrogenated fats, synthetic flavour, stabilizer and other unrecognizable chemicals.

Whether it is a birthday, wedding, full month celebration or bridal shower – no celebration is ever complete without a cake. Cakes can be seen as a special representation of all the goodness and sweetness that one has in their life, and are an absolutely essential part of sharing happiness with others. We are sure to have an idea up our sleeve to make your event more special. Contact us to set up an appointment to discuss your requirements or preferences, and watch us bake magic for you!

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No cancellation is allowed after confirmation of order.


Melissa Lou

You R2 Awesome!

We already had something in mind for our Star Wars themed cake. The team was very helpful and prompt to get back to us on the most realistic option! We're so glad we went ahead with the R2D2 fondant cake. Many of our guests were blown away with how yummy it tasted especially since their experience with fondant cakes are dry and dense. Great job guys and thanks for making a great cake centrepiece!

Submitted on 12 October 2016
Melissa Lou

Minion Cake, Cupcakes & Cookies were great!

Corine & Cake had an awesome turnaround when I had to order minion-themed cakes and desserts for my nephew's party! The desserts were a great hit at the party!

Submitted on 24 September 2018

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