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The humble story of Yeh Lai Siang begins all the way back in 1984 with its founder Tan Huny. In order to sustain his family livelihood, Tan Huny picked up cooking and started selling local cuisines in the kampong. Passionate towards local flavours, Tan Huny’s cuisines were inspired by traditional recipes imparted by the previous generations. His fine culinary skills and hospitality was very well-received which gradually rose to popularity. With the passage of time, Tan Huny’s business eventually transformed into the established, professional catering company today.

Strongly rooted in our past, this nostalgic memory of Yeh Lai Siang’s beginning has led to our unique name. The shortened term “Yeh Lai Siang” comes from the Chinese expression 夜来的食物香, a description for comfort and solace for the wafting fragrance of cuisine at night. It is in this very humble history of ours that we were established upon and hope to preserve.

In Yeh Lai Siang, we celebrate our past but look forward to the future. With today’s dizzying variety of food, we strive to hold on to the cultural value of the past’s nostalgic flavors. Our biggest inspiration comes from adapting traditional flavors for a taste of the authentic origin. It is this that we take pride in preserving the rich culture passed down from generation to generation, presenting it in grand-setting with our cuisines today.

We strongly recommend you to give our specialty menu a look. From our fresh sambal prawns to fragrant stir-fried squids, it is a flavorful twist of the traditional with hints of modern-day delights. In this party of flavors, we promise a unique tasting and culturally-rich experience.

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