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Service Detail (Alcohol)

About the Vendor

Los Andes Co. was launched in October 2020 with the purpose of bringing the flavors, colors, and aromas of Latin America to your home.

My name is Florencia, I am the founder of Los Andes Co. originally from Argentina, and due to my professional and personal life, I was able to explore and experience how diverse Latin America is.

When I moved to Asia, and I started travelling around it, I found out that the beauty of Latin America was, and still is, unknown. So, I realized that I could become a Latin American ambassador by bringing the best of our homegrown products into Asia while at the same time supporting small businesses.


Terms & Conditions


1. For wines, we do FREE delivery every Friday. Allow 1 working day to pack and dispatch your order. If you cannot wait until our next free delivery date, an extra cost of $12 will be included in your invoice.

2. For chocolates, the minimum amount for FREE delivery on Fridays is $50. If your order is below or you want the delivery earlier, an extra cost of $12 will be included in your invoice.

3. After placing an order you will receive an email confirmation (within 24 hours) with the expected delivery date and time.

4. We ship anywhere in Singapore direct from our facilities.

5. Please make sure to use a complete and correct shipping address. Los Andes Co is not liable for extra costs incurred by incorrect shipping info or missed shipments.


Purchased are non-refundable. We are unable to accept returns other than the following exceptions:

1. Broken Seal Upon Delivery

2. Damaged Products Upon Delivery (E.g. broken Bottle)

3. Once the client has accepted the physical delivery of the product, these exceptions will no longer be valid

4. Please ensure to check your products upon delivery!!!

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