Service Detail (Flowers)

About the Vendor

"Xpressflower .com is one of Singapore's leading flowers and gifts service providers that has been delivering gorgeous flowers for more than 15 years! Being a major player in Singapore's floral industry, we are committed to offer only the freshest flowers and gifts, backed by service that is both reliable & prompt. Xpressflower .com also carries an extensive range of products including soft toys, cakes, chocolates, wines & champagne and even home and lifestyle products! We collaborate with some of the biggest brands (e.g. Disney, Osim) to come up with the best selection of flowers and gifts!

HQ: The Headquarters of Xpressflower .com is located at level 3 of Orion Industrial Building."

Terms & Conditions

Cancellation must be made at least 1 working day before the requested day of delivery for local orders. A charge of $5.35 or 5% of the value of the order, whichever higher, is applicable. In cases which you request for certain flowers to be specially purchased to fulfill your order, once purchased, only 50% of your order value is refundable.

In the event the order is delivered, cancellation will not be allowed. If an order is delivered late yet accepted by the recipient, the delivery is deemed to have been completed and thus, cannot be cancelled. For cancellation request received less than the stipulated time, only 50% of the order value is refundable.

Cancellation is not applicable for Third Party items, such as cakes, ice creams, etc. For Third Party orders, once confirmed cannot be canceled.

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