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Seng Wei was indoctrinated in the electronic dance music scene whilst still a student in university in L.A. Since graduating and returning to Singapore in late 2003, he started DJing as a hobby. Gradually, Seng Wei's devotion and passion for the electronic music scene escalated into something more as he gained experience playing out at clubs and various outdoor events. He bought his first proper dance compilation back in 99’- Clubber’s guide to Trance by ATB, which was an influential moment that saw Seng Wei branch out and start to discover other styles of dance music such as House.

Seng Wei's style is deep, funky and progressive house with an infusion of tech and organic elements. Although his musical tastes are always changing; he presently is playing a lot more of the nu-disco and deep tech house sound with a touch of electro thrown in there for good measure, which is diversified and incorporated into his sets. He transcends any boundaries between the different genres of music, and really knows how to move the floor. As a DJ, he draws influences from all types of music from jazz and classical, to rock and electro and combines these different elements into his set. He believes that since music seems to be evolving all the time, the oxymoron of the new/old music (The retro/electro music of the 70s and 80s, along with the revival of jazz and classical music) is especially evident in the 21st century today and will continue to have an effect on the ever changing dance music scene in the years to come. This up and coming DJ has also completed a course in music business management in Sydney (Dec 2008), and is currently busy working on his record label Eclesia.


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