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What's bespoke exactly?

It is really an experience that transcends beyond your street retail or online shopping experience. The key points here are what do you need? What do you like? How would you like it? And what would you do with it after?

We have worked with Christian Lacroix, Kenzo, Anne Fontaine... We've also dressed stars for the red carpet in Cannes Film Festival and Star Awards to national pageants. Our past projects include evening looks for huge gala events like Tatler ball, or themed balls such as CRIB in Singapore.

We start with you, your loves, your preferences, and your thoughts. Sketches of a personalized gown and dress that is your signature and ours - created by us. We drape and form a dress that is uniquely you.

NL does not offer any packages, however, we make sure that you get the best experience in the process of making your wedding dress. You will go through different stages with us, and will receive a minimum of 3 fittings throughout the making.

Our goal is to ensure you get the wedding dress of your dreams, that suits both your personality and your body figure. Hence, we will always advise you about the best options and offer you the best solutions.

(We are also partnered with Deboneire for the Groom's suit)



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