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Ying Jee Club is the latest member of ZS Hospitality Group. Conveniently located at Nexxus Building, the 2-storey restaurant represents the synergy of traditional Chinese elegance and the modern edge of contemporary style in the financial hub of Central. Inspired by the elements of business and bustle, Ying Jee Club embodies countless opportunities, and is the ideal venue for business socialising alongside the most premium food and wine.

Helmed by Michelin-star Chef Siu Hin Chi, each impeccably presented dish marries years of expert cooking technique with the most luscious ingredients. Traditional delights are spiked with modern twists, bringing guests an unforgettable experience of Cantonese cuisine. Complementing the masterfully crafted culinary experience, is an eclectic wine list for over 300 bottles from around the world. Ying Jee Club’s distinguished aesthetic is a proud piece of Steve Leung, renowned architect and founder of SLD; and Janet Choy, his design director. Paved by the contrast of emerald and gold details, Ying Jee Club symbolises prosperity and elegance while orchestrating a soothing ambience.

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